Start up Businesses

Do you have a business idea and do not know how to start? We have packages tailored for the small businesses - from registration to establishing an accounting system.

Asset Management

As the term suggests its the management of a company's asset more specifically vehicles and equipment.  Keeping track of your assets aids in the decision making process especially regarding buy or sale decision.  These assets can be tracked via a simple report or a more sophisticated software.


Logistics/warehousing tracks the movement of items in a warehouse belonging to different customers e.g freight forwarders.

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning or enterprise resource management brings together all the functions of a business in one software package regardless of the industry in which it operates.  This promotes efficiency and reduces redundancy.  It eliminates the need for different software packages for different aspects of the business, e.g a software package for payroll and another software for billing.

What are our service rates?

Our rates are based on the needs of our clients.  Call us for a free consultation to identify your needs to which we can provide assistance.